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5773 was not a good year for our mispacha.  While we managed to put our tzedekah in the box regularly , we did not empty it as we should. .    We finally managed to empty it for a whopping $253.55 Froggy and I enjoyed using a good portion of that money to buy food for the local food bank.  All of this did not even use up our money so we get to go do it again. 

The joy continued the next day when we delivered this food and the rest of the donations from our shul.


We have been at the beach all week so I did not plan a menu.  Yet now we are home and I just realized I actually need to make Shabbos and cook a real meal.  Here is what we will be having

Challah (ofcourse :) )
gefilte fish loaf
16 bean soup - because I need something different before the chagim
pot roast
mashed potatoes
green beans
 add in bread
chocolate rugelach

Closing out the year

We said goodbye to Pagoo and Seabird this month.
To say goodbye to Seabird, Froggy made a timeline of sorts.  It chronicles the different kinds of ships Seabird sailed on and who the captain was.  This is the Charlotte Mason style of final exam.  It was way more fun for both Froggy and I than a traditional exam and led to a grand conversation about the book as a whole.

Pagoo was a constant virtual companion during our beach trip.  We visited the bay and looked in tidal pools at what is what like when "Pagoo battled death".  The large hermit crabs sold on the boardwalk were the "heavy boxers".  It was neat watching them "pull in their claws and close their door."

A nice new look

It took at least six months from its inception but my dining room/ living room area now has a whole new look. 
 Instead of the boring builder shades of white, the rooms finally have some color.  The trim came with the house and is still its original stark white.  We pulled the blue-green out of the living room rug. We also flipped where they were.  The living room is now closer to the sliding glass door and the patio.  This wall here has a pass-through to the kitchen which made me originally want the dining room here. The dining room is now under the chandelier where the builder problably intended it to be.    I am really enjoying the new feeling of light and openess.


As any regular follower of this blog knows, we eat a great deal of salad around here.  I am not a great fan of the ones I find in the store.   I have always made my own basil vinaigrette for my caprese salads but that is an in the moment and does not keep.  I have also been making more "dressed" salads, like my asian slaw and strawberry spinach

But that still left me struggling with my regular green salad.  So this summer I undertook to make my own.  I came up with two that are super easy and fast becoming staples.  I put them in my little jelly jars and just shake to mix.

Honey Mustard Dressing
1/4 cup dijon mustard
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup oil
pinch of salt.

Asian Ginger Dressing
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 cloves minced garlic
2 TBS grated ginger (done on the microplane)


Tonight Froggy got her first taste of archery.  She fairly bounced the whole drive there.  I suspected that given a taste of the work involved, her interest would end.  It did not.
 We were the first ones to arrive at Archery practice, which was perfect as it gave the host time to outfit Froggy before others arrived.  She was lent a bow, arrows, arm guard and something for her shooting hand as well.    Grimm, the host, introduced Froggy to the range and all the safety rules of the range.  He showed her the proper stance, how to load the arrow, draw the bow and aim.
 Then they got down to the business of actually shooting.  Her target was a zombie head.  There could not be a more perfect target for her first shooting opportunity.  I was amazed at how quickly she picked it up and the progress she made during this first practice.  She even managed to shoot the zombie right between the eyes more than once. 
Froggy was gifted with a souvenir.  This is the arrow from her very first hit.  …

Menu Planning Monday 6 Elul

I have an easy week in the kitchen this week. It is so nice since I am very busy working on several major home improvement projects.

Sunday - BFD - eggs and pancakes
Monday - sandwiches at the field for Archery practice
Tuesday -  Tacos, rice and beans, salad
Wednesday - Tofu Stirfry
Thursday - Mom/Daughter date night

And the best part of all - we are being hosted for Shabbat so I don't have to do anything at all. 

I am sure there will be some baking in there but it is nice not to have tons of hard things looming over.


Thanks to a couple of really kind friends, Froggy and I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week at Pennsic experiencing Medieval history in a fun manner. This is what our camp looked like. Froggy and I were in the tent straight back Our kitchen was the best camping kitchen I have ever used. . 
Froggy got to try her hand at several different handwork options including stick weaving. It is easier than spool weaving with more utilitarian results Froggy working on yet another new handwork project in one of the fabulous swings in camp.  THis is embroidery and her favorite of all the ones she tried.  The girls also had the opportunity to make poppets.  Here they are just getting started. M. is making great progess on her stick weaving.  She, of all the girls, seemed most interested in the handwork projects.  You can see two of the finished poppets on the bench in front of her. All of the Abbas at camp (our Abba is not and did not come) are fighters. Here is one posing so we can get…

Menu Planning Monday - 28 Av

Sunday - dinner out with friends
Monday - salad, pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, garlic bread
Tuesday -fish ala Jenn, rice and broccoli
Wednesday - BFD - Eggs and pumpkin pancakes
Thursday - Pizza and salad
Friday - challah, hummus, tricolor gefilte fish loaf, matza ball soup, grilled chicken, mixed grilled veggies, carrot slaw, chocolate caramel tarts and/or possible a chocolate roulade

also to make
roasted chickpeas
chocolate chip cookies
quinoa breakfast porridge